Nepali Kickboxer Abiral Ghimire sets world record

May 8, 2022

Nepali Kickboxer Abiral Ghimire aka Snow Cheetah on an undefeated journey in the boxing competition has set a world record in the ‘HEAT Professional Kick Boxing Competition’. Ghimire has managed to set a world record by winning the HEAT competition for the 14th time in a row.

He knocked out Thai boxer Villa Saklek with a body shot in the first round of the competition on Saturday evening in Nayoga, Japan. They are both experienced veterans who have competed in ‘K 1’Professional Kick Boxing’.

In the competition organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Simura Dojo, the Snow Cheetah defeated Saklek in 12 minutes in a total of 16 minutes of three rounds, said the snow leopard coach Dev Ghimire.

His uninterrupted journey of victory in this world-famous competition continues. Boxer Aviral won the title of last year’s ‘HEAT 49 Professional Boxing Championship 2021’.

He has become the first Nepali boxer to win an international competition in which only famous and experienced boxers of the world are brought into the ring.

Abiral is also the first Nepali boxer to win the title of ‘K One Festival 2021’ held in Tokyo, Japan last April. He made history by beating Japanese professional boxer Khotechu in the first round.


Abiral Ghimire is originally from Gurjudhara in the Chandragiri Municipality. He went to Japan in 2016 and started kickboxing inspired by his father who also was a kickboxer and participated in “K-1 WORLD GP 2004 in SEOUL” held in Korea in 2004 under the name of Dave Kumar Ghimire. He also fought Minowaman in 2011 at “GLADIATOR 27” under mixed martial arts rules. Abiral’s ring name “Himalayan Cheetah” is said to have come from his father’s desire to “become a fighter who beats his opponent ferociously like a Cheetah.