Afghan anchor forced to sell food on street to make ends meet due to the economic meltdown in Afghanistan after Taliban takeover.

June 19, 2022

A former Afghan journalist, Musa Mohammadi who used to work in the media industry for years, has been forced to sell food on the streets in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan amid the ongoing economic, humanitarian and political crisis in the country.

Musa was one of the most popular TV journalists in Afghanistan at one time. He was part of the media since 2011 but he lost his job after the Taliban took over the country in August last year.

The picture, first shared by Kabul University lecturer and a former journalist Kabir Haqmal, has gone viral on social media platforms.

On being asked, Musa Mohammadi, told The Quint that he started doing daily labour, like selling food on the streets, to earn money to support his family. He further said that he was forced to do so to pay off his debts.

Though the former journalist tried applying for jobs in media sectors, NGOs, and private sectors, he did not receive any response. With no option left, he started selling ‘samosas’ on the streets to make ends meet.

The post gathered the attention of thousands of people including Ahmadullah Wasiq, who is the director of the National Radio and Television.

Wasiq assured on Twitter that his organisation will appoint Musa within the framework of the National Radio and Television.