Private schools within Kathmandu Metropolis should give certain percentage of their income to KMC: Balen Shah

June 19, 2022

Announcing the policy and program for the coming fiscal year 2079/80, Kathmandu Metropolis Mayor Balen Shah has said that the schools within Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) should contribute a certain percentage of the income to the education fund of the metropolis.

Mayor Shah has said:

• The metropolis will take the policy of making the institutional school fees in a scientific way by re-determining them.

• Newari language class, which is being taught from class 1 to 8 in KMC, will be continued.

• The metropolis will make Durbar High School a model school of the country.

• Regular health check-ups of community school students will be conducted and technical subjects will be taught in two more community schools.


Photo: metronews

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