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Bhairav Aryal – The king of Satire

Bhairav Aryal – The king of Satire

July 2, 2021

Bhairav Aryal was born in Kupondole, Lalitpur on 20 September 1936 as Tritha Nath Aryal. He is undoubtedly Nepal’s greatest and the most loved satirist of all time. He was a satirist who commented on the absurdities of modern Nepal, as well as a journalist and editor. The satirical writer, Bhairav Aryal is one of the best literary figures in Nepali literature so far.

He demonstrated a strong interest in Nepali and Sanskrit literature from his childhood and decided to pursue his higher education in Nepali literature. He completed his MA in Nepali in 1969 and also took courses in Sanskrit. By the age of 21, he had been appointed as a full-time journalist in the government-run national daily newspaper Gorkhapatra and was later promoted in the editorial group.

Although his works made everyone laugh, his life was so miserable and broken. It was so miserable that he had been planning to depart from the world for quite some time. He wrote numerous letters to his office, his father, his children, and others. But nobody came to rescue him. Maybe it was because his family and friends weren’t aware of depression or such mental illness. We are so unfortunate to lose one of the finest writers of Nepal at such a young age of only 40 years. Bhairav Aryal committed suicide in 1976 AD.

You will always be remembered legend.

The King of Satire – Bhairav Aryal

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