Sangeet Samrat Gopal Yonjan

July 31, 2022

Born on August 26, 1943 in Darjeeling, India, Gopal Yonjan was a Nepali lyricist, singer, and composer. He belongs to the first generation of Nepali singers who became professional singers and was known for his soothing patriotic Nepali songs.

Gopal started his musical career as a flautist. He wrote his first lyrics in 1963 and his first musical composition was recorded in 1964. His musical works encompass nationalistic/patriotic, spiritual, romantic, philosophical, dancing tunes, ballads, musical compositions, ode to women and womanhood, songs for children and youth and thematic songs on environment, sports, scouts, etc. The list is endless.

Gopal Yonjan has been bestowed the title of “Sangeet Samrat” (Emperor of Music), “Bagyeyakar” (Master of lyrics, music and voice) by Nepali music practitioners and audiences.

Gopal dedicated his entire life to creating music. He spent years researching and studying Nepali folk and traditional as well as Indian, in particular Rabindra Sangeet and Newari classical music.

To Nepali audiences Gopal Yonjan is synonymous with Patriotic songs filled with love, passion and compassion for his country Nepal. In fact the music fraternity regard his teaming with Narayan Gopal as singer as the Golden Era of Nepali music.

Gopal Yonjan was born into a Tamang family in Darjeeling, Bengal Presidency, British India, on 26 August 1943 (10 Bhadra, 2000 B.S.). He moved to Nepal from Darjeeling for his MA in Nepali language. He married his wife Renchin in 1968. He has one daughter and two sons.

Gopal Yonjan died in May 1997 before he could record and document his innumerable compositions.

Some of his famous songs:
– Banekochha Paharale Yo Chhati Mero
– Deshle Ragat Mage
– Mero Topi