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Nepali Man Who Entered The USA Illegally at Rs 65 Lakh Dies Due Tuberculosis

Nepali Man Who Entered The USA Illegally at Rs 65 Lakh Dies Due Tuberculosis

March 2, 2024

In a tragic incident, a Nepali man who entered the USA through illegal routes, reportedly spending Rs 65 lakh, has passed away due to Tuberculosis.

Basanta Sharma, a 32-year-old man from Pokhara, Sisne Gaunpalika-3 in Rukum West, ventured to the USA one year ago through unauthorized means, a journey that took him 8 months. According to the Chairman of his ward, Heram Khadka, more than 250 men from the same locality have resorted to illegal entry into the USA.

Sharma had been grappling with health issues for some time but was unable to seek medical attention due to lack of legal documentation. Despite this, he continued to work. One day, he fainted, and his friends rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with severe tuberculosis. Despite 3 months of treatment, his condition did not improve, and he succumbed to the illness at Monmouth Medical Center in New York last Wednesday. Sharma’s friends lamented that had he received timely medical care, his life could have been saved.

Sharma is survived by his wife and two daughters. The family is burdened with a debt of more than 90 lakh.

The decision to enter the USA illegally poses significant dangers and risks for individuals seeking a better life. Firstly, the journey itself, often undertaken through hazardous routes, exposes migrants to physical harm, exploitation, and even death. Many individuals face treacherous conditions, including harsh terrain, extreme weather, and the threat of violence from smugglers or authorities.

Once in the USA, undocumented immigrants live under constant fear of detection and deportation, which can lead to separation from their families and communities. They often face exploitation and abuse in the workplace, as they are reluctant to report violations for fear of reprisal. Additionally, lacking access to legal protections and healthcare, undocumented immigrants are vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers and are at risk of falling into poverty and destitution.

Moreover, living in the shadows without legal status can have profound psychological and emotional effects, including stress, anxiety, and depression. The constant fear of being discovered and the uncertainty about the future can take a heavy toll on individuals and their families.

The dangers of going to the USA illegally extend far beyond the physical risks of the journey itself. They encompass the precarious existence and vulnerability that undocumented immigrants face in their daily lives, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform to address these systemic challenges.