Hospitals in Kathmandu Turn Away Covid-19 Patients

May 12, 2021

The terrible scenes that have emerged from India are being repeated across Nepal. Nepal shares an open border with five Indian States. Ignorance of government and carelessness of its citizens has made the situation even worse and it is already too late for Nepal. The Covid positivity rate is at 45%, one of the highest in the world, and cases have surged by 1,200% in recent weeks.
Hospitals in Kathmandu Valley, the country’s most developed region has run out short of oxygen. Private hospitals in Kathmandu Valley has stated that it is not possible for them to admit more coronavirus infected patients due to an acute shortage of oxygen. Dozens of hospitals in the capital city of Nepal has already started turning down covid-19 patients as they are short of oxygen.
BUT, Nepal’s ignorant, pathetic, self-concerned and katti pani laajai navaka leaders are busy battling for power instead of battling against coronavirus. People need to really understand that the power of people is stronger than the people in power.
P.S. When the country’s most prosperous and developed region is going through these situations, imagine the situation in rural areas of Nepal.