The Katha Safa Tempo ko Series: Meet the Woman who has been driving Safa Tempo for the last 20 years

March 29, 2022

Indra Maya Shrestha was raised in a village in the¬†Kavrepanalchok district of Nepal by a sick mother and a father who could not afford to send her to school. Her family’s financial condition was in dire condition but she was always fascinated by seeing people driving cars in the movies. Indra Maya came to the capital city Kathmandu at the age of 17 with a dream of driving a car herself.
But city life was not what she imagined, jobs were hard to come by, and getting a driving license was not so easy 20 years ago. One day, she got into a Safa Tempo; an electric three-wheeler as a passenger and was surprised to see a woman driving it. That is when she thought if those women can do it, so can she.
It took her 1 year to get a driving license and become a Safa Tempo operator. Today, she owns her own Safa tempo and runs a charging station in Mahankal, Kathmandu which can charge 35 battery-powered vehicles at one time. Indra Maya drives along 4 routes in the Sankhamul-Chabahil-Boudha-Kapan area. There were at most 20 female Safa Tempo drivers 20 years ago, today there are more than 500.
Conventional Charger Controller F. Drivetrain in SAFA Tempo Drivetrain is an advanced DC K91-4003 72-volt motor, 25 ft-lbs. giving 3000 rpm or 8.5 HP giving 3800 rpm. with peak 22 HP Curtis 1209-72 controller gear reduction through a reduction gear and differential. The maximum speed in the city is 40 km/hr. and the average less than 12 km/hr. While, some SAFA tempo has already installed China-made brushless motor model DT-175-90-3 (72V, 8000W).
with inputs from Nepali times.