Thailand becomes the first country to legalize marijuana in Asia

June 9, 2022

Thailand has become the first nation in Asia to decriminalize marijuana — also known as cannabis, or ganja in the local language. The government is even giving away 10 lakh cannabis seedlings to citizens to encourage pick-up.

Households will be able to cultivate up to six cannabis pot plants at home if they register with authorities, and companies can also farm the plant with a permit.

Similarly, Restaurants will be able to freely offer cannabis-infused menus. The government is hoping that developing a local cannabis trade will BOOST AGRICULTURE & TOURISM.

However, using the drug for personal use is still illegal. Officials have warned people against smoking in public, saying it’s considered a public nuisance and offenders risk arrest.

Under the plan, the government says it also aims to release about 4,000 prisoners convicted of cannabis-related offenses.

Thailand, with its year-round tropical climate, has long had a history with cannabis which many locals commonly used in traditional medicines.

A wider draft law on cannabis control is currently being considered in the Thai parliament. Advocates believe that coming years could see a gradual relaxing of the rules governing use.

The official goal is for Thailand to get a head start on its neighbors in winning a large slice of the lucrative market for health treatments using cannabis derivatives, in particular the milder compound CBD. But there is another motive; to reduce overcrowding in some of the world’s most overcrowded jails.