The first car ever brought to Kathmandu

April 13, 2021

Legend has it that the first ever car was driven in Nepal in 1978 BS (1922 AD) when Britain’s Prince Edward (later King Edward VIII) rode across the border to hunt tigers in Kasara of Chitwan. After seeing his car, the Ranas were fascinated to own some of them. A new road was dug from Birgunj in Parsa to Makwanpur Bhimfedi to bring vehicles to Kathmandu. Later, the public carried the vehicle on their shoulders to Godamchaur in Kathmandu. According to history, after the Tribhuvan Highway was connected to Kathmandu in 2013 BS (1957 AD), it was left to be carried on the shoulder. Otherwise, whatever vehicle was brought before that, it was all carried on the shoulders. It has been almost a century since the first vehicle entered Nepal. Now there are millions of vehicles in Nepal.

According to the Nepal Department of Transport Management (DoTM) statistics published on August 16, 2018, the following findings were revealed: 437,614 vehicles were registered in Nepal, in the last fiscal year. This increased the total number of vehicles in the country to 3.22 million, since 1990. Half of the total registered vehicles in Nepal were imported in the last five years. Out of the total registered vehicles so far, 2.5 million alone are motorbikes.