Yubaraj Khatiwada – The man who killed the future of EVs in Nepal

April 15, 2021

In the initial days of Khatiwada’s appointment as the finance minister, there certainly were high hopes all around, as he is known as a person well-versed on economy, finance and development issues, according to businesspersons and economists. His past experience as governor and vice-chair of the planning commission meant he knew the sources of ills that mired the country’s economy in stagnation. But he himself failed to do anything substantial to give an impetus to the economy.
There were high hopes that the economy would take a leap under his leadership. He made several tall promises but couldn’t fulfil any of them. During his tenure as a finance minister, it looked like he was confused about whether to act as an economist or a politician. He did not make any big policy departure to support economic transformation.  He gradually made his name more as a taxman rather than a finance minister in his little over two years of tenure.
P.S. Entered as a HERO, Left like a villain. The TAX-MAN aka TAX-BAHADUR.
Note: Of the others, Nepal will never forget how he raised the  tax on electric vehicles. DISGUSTING!!!