Robin Karki Hit & Run Case – Biratnagar

June 5, 2021


A man has died in Biratnagar on Thursday evening after being hit by a car driven by Rabin Karki, son of Province 1 Member of Parliament (MP) Bindiya Karki. According to local eyewitnesses, two other girls were also in the car. All three persons got out of the car and fled immediately after the accident, all of them appeared to have consumed alcohol. The deceased has been identified as an Indian citizen, Mukesh Sharma, 35. Similarly, another 24-year old Ram Kumar Rajbanshi of Katahari RM-2 sustained critical injuries in the accident. He is undergoing treatment at Nobel Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar.

Robin Karki along with two other girls fled the scene immediately after the incident occurred, eyewitnesses said. However, police have not yet confirmed if Robin  Karki was driving the car even after eyewitnesses confirmed it was him. Police said they are investigating the case and have launched a manhunt to nab Karki.

Note: If it wasn’t the case related to MP then the perpetrators would have already been behind the bar by now. The thing is, people have seen the accident, there are eyewitnesses; so the accused should be taken action according to the law. This case shouldn’t go like Prithivi Malla Hit & Run Case. The Supreme Court (SC) had released Prithvi Malla, 21 of Gothatar, Kathmandu, who had killed a pedestrian while driving under influence and ran away, on bail of Rs 500,000. He was released on bail citing that he suffers from severe depression and asthma. Prithivi Malla belongs to an elite Malla family.


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