The Dag-Dolphin Friendship

May 2, 2021

Drop everything and look at this dog meeting his best friend, a dolphin. The friendship that went viral last year.

In the midst of panicking news all over the media, here is the Dog-Dolphin friendship story that will make you SMILE. The friendship story between a dog named Gunner and a dolphin named Delta will hit you right in the feels. The best thing is, they are still best friends years later. This friendship story will be the best part of your week. A photo of a dog and a dolphin! Hanging out. Smooching. Just having fun – like pandemic what?

Is there anything – anything – cuter than inter-species friendships? If you think the answer is YES, these photos of Gunner the dog reuniting with his best friend, Delta the dolphin, will change your mind. Since 2021 feels a hell lot like 2020 anyway, a viral photo of a golden retriever leaning over to lick a dolphin’s nose from last year is doing the rounds once again. Their crazy popularity is not without reason either, because who doesn’t love a good friendship story? Especially one that involves two of the most adored animals on the Internet. The virality seems like a testament to the fact that we could all probably use this big boop energy in our lives. But what makes this friendship even more heartwarming is that this playful golden retriever and dolphin have been best friends for years.

Gunner, the seven-year-old golden retriever in the photo, and Delta, the ten-year-old dolphin have been inseparable ever since the golden retriever was about eight weeks old. Gunner struck a special friendship with Delta, a dolphin at Florida’s Dolphin Research Center, where Marie Blanton, Gunner’s human and other best friend worked for about a decade. “From the very first moment he met the dolphins, he was calm around them and very curious.”

P.S. Gunner the dog and Delta the dolphin have been friends for years. Cheers to this inseparable friendship.

Photo: Respective owners.

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